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About FBB

What is FBB?

FBB is a blog that revolves around yummy food with a healthy twist.  I don’t believe in restricting yourself from certain foods; I believe in tasting and enjoying food, but always in moderation. No food needs to be entirely off limits if you have a small portion or taste, or if you find a way to make it yourself with healthier ingredients. FBB doesn’t focus on no-carb, zero-calorie, zero-fat food, FBB focuses on good food that is also good for you.

There are 3 main categories on FBB:

  • Food: Recipes (gluten-free & dairy-free as well)
  • Food Journeys: Restaurants, dining experiences and travel
  • Food For Thought: Commentary and stories about food

Who is Betsy?

I am originally from Cleveland Heights, Ohio and currently live in Charlotte, NC with my handsome Welsh husband and my baby girl Wynne. I started this blog in October 2011 as a hobby because I love to cook, try new foods and take photos of food. FBB has been a great way for me to share recipes, photos and my dining experiences from around the world!

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  1. Hey Betsy! Thanks for stopping by my link up, I have the same philosophy on food. Real food always beats chemical creations 🙂 On a side note- Betsy has always been one of my FAVORITE names…you can ask all my childhood Barbie dolls (aka “Bets”, “Betsy”, “B”… get the point)

    xoxo K

    March 10, 2015

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