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Take Me Back To Taste of Peru.

Taste of Peru – Chicago, IL


Gareth and I saw this restaurant, Taste of Peru, featured on a TV show called Hungry Hound several years ago and I have wanted to go there ever since. We FINALLY made the trip there this summer (not sure why it took us so long!) and it was so incredibly delicious. It was so good, in fact, we went two weekends in a row for lunch! Nestled between a nail salon and a laundromat in a strip mall in Rogers Park, Taste of Peru is a no frills kind of place. But don’t let the exterior scare you away, the service is excellent and the food is amazing and authentic. When dining there, you absolutely have to order the Papa Rellena appetizer that was voted “Best in Town” by Hungry Hound. It was also a favorite of Guy Fieri when he visited the restaurant on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives. The combination of ingredients may sound a bit odd, but the flavor is fantastic. My favorite entrée we had was the Lomo Saltado, which is their #1 best-selling entrée. All of the food on the menu looks good, so my suggestion is to order a few things to explore the tastes of Peru! I think I may actually do this myself (again!) this weekend. Mmmmmm.


Papa Rellena: Mashed potato stuffed with a mixture of seasoned rib eye steak, walnuts, eggs, raisins, & olives.



Arroz Con Pollo: Peruvian-style chicken and rice. cooked in a cilantro-based sauce, the chicken absorbs the entire rice flavor from being cooked in the same pot.



Lomo Saltado: #1 Best Seller- Sautéed rib eye beef cut in strips, cooked with tomatoes, onions and French fries and served with white rice.



Seco De Cordero: Lamb cooked in red wine, beer, chile ancho, red peppers, pumpkin and served with white rice and beans.




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