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Mouthwatering Korean BBQ: Del Seoul

Del Seoul is my new favorite spot in Chicago for a no-fuss, affordable, delicious meal.  In the heart of Lincoln Park, Del Seoul offers a casual dining experience that’s perfect for lunch. There are no waiters, you just order/pay for your food and then they bring it to you when it’s ready.  The flavors of all the dishes are robust and amazing. The tacos are my personal favorite (the shrimp taco is the BEST) but you really can’t go wrong with any item on the menu. I highly suggest dining in the restaurant rather than take-out so you can experience their cast-iron plates and hot stone bowls—your food will come out steaming (and still cooking!) and the rice gets nice and crispy on the bottom. It’s a great spot to go with a few people so you can share lots of the items and taste all the deliciousness. I can’t wait to go back again to try some new items on the menu!


Korean BBQ Tacos (From left to right)

Kalbi (Grilled Beef Short Rib): grilled beef short rib, cilantro onion relish, secret slaw, toasted sesame seeds

Sesame-Chili Shrimp: hand-battered panko shrimp, cilantro onion relish, sesame-chili aioli, slaw, toasted sesame seeds

Sambal Fish: tempura haddock, pickled red onions, Napa slaw, spicy sambal sauce




Korean Specialties

Hot Stone Bowl Bibimbop: Korean-style rice bowl with seasonal vegetables, ribeye steak, egg and Kochujiang sauce



Korean BBQ Plates

Korean Ribeye Steak (Bulgogi): ribeye steak with sweet-soy, soju marinade



For Sharing

K-Town Chicken Wings: spicy, lollipopped crispy chicken wings with a sweet soy, chili seco, Sichuan peppercorn glaze



Seoul Style Street Dumplings: steamed handmade pork dumplings with sake-soy dipping sauce.


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