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Italian Goodness.

Topo Gigo ( has fresh and yummy food that tastes like home-cooked Italian food. The restaurant has a great ambiance and lively feel to it.  There is also a great outdoor area that’s perfect for dining outdoors in nice weather. They have a wide selection on their menu of appetizers, salads, pastas and entrées. I highly recommend! Below are some of our orders from the past few months.

ANTIPASTO FREDDO: A presentation of meats, cheese and grilled vegetables from their antipasto table $6.95 per person

BRUSCHETTA AL PROSCIUOTTO DI PARMA: Garlic bread with cherry tomato, baked with mozzarella, topped with prosciutto and fresh basil $5.95

INSALATA DI GAMBERI: Large grilled shrimp, fresh spinach, string beans, capers, avocado with Ligurian extra virgin olive oil & lemon dressing  $15.95

CONCHIGLIE ALLA SARDA: Seashell pasta in a tomato-cream sauce with ground sausage, peas and pecorino cheese $13.95

FILETTO DI BUE AL BAROLO: Grilled beef tenderloin, with mushrooms and Barolo wine sauce, mashed potatoes & spinach $18.95

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