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FBB Thought Of The Day.

As I continue to post on FBB, I want to remind my readers what FBB is all about. I don’t believe in dieting or restricting yourself from certain foods, I believe in tasting and enjoying food, but always in moderation. No food needs to be off limits if you have a small portion or taste, or if you find a way to make it yourself with healthier ingredients. If you ignore your cravings it will end up doing more harm than good, I have learned that first hand! I love to try new foods and restaurants, especially when traveling, so those are the meals where portion control really comes into play. If I have a hard time controlling portion size for an extra yummy or special meal, then I hit the gym! You can’t beat yourself up for being human. You’ve got to enjoy life and not restrict yourself from things you enjoy—that is what FBB is all about!

This was a meal that I had at Sofra in London. ( This was a “Chef’s Sampling” which was a small bite of many different foods, including hummus, falafel, tabbouleh and spinach and feta pastry. This was a great way to try and taste a lot of different menu items without overeating- a very FBB way to enjoy a nice meal out!

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