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After our trip to Wales, Gareth and I traveled to London for a long weekend before returning to Chicago. It was great to sample so many different types of food. Here are some highlights.

Lamb Pizza: We went to a Lebanese restaurant in Covent Garden called Sofra ( and Gareth ordered lamb pizza. Yummmm.

Full English Breakfast: This was Gareth’s breakfast order at a small cafe we found. Complete with baked beans!

Smoked Salmon & Eggs: This was my breakfast choice at the cafe. It was a fresh and light way to start the day, not too filling.

Pork Scratchings: Gareth was very happy about his order of pork scratchings at Jamie Oliver’s restaurant Barbecoa ( near St. Paul’s in London. Pork scratchings are fried pig skin (also called pork rinds or cracklings). Doesn’t he look like he was caught in the act?

Pickled Vegetables: My starter at Barbecoa was pickled vegetables, because clearly I love anything pickled.  Lots of hot peppers!

Bread: As a result of all the hot peppers, we ordered a TOWER of bread.

Pulled Pork Shoulder: As Gareth’s entree at Barbecoa, he ordered pulled pork shoulder on cornbread.

Calamari with Smashed Avocado: As my entree, I went for a starter (as I was filled up on bread). The calamari was light and tastey with lemon, avocado and a hint of hot pepper.

Duck Fat Chips: (aka fries) We also got these at Barbecoa. Potatoes fried in duck fat? Enough said.

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  1. Wow those pork rinds look sinfully delicious! Great photos Betsy!!

    October 26, 2011
  2. Wow ! I am pure vegetarian but i would like to eat this delicious food.

    November 5, 2011

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