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What is FBB?

FBB is a blog where I’ll post recipes, photos, ideas and commentary revolving around yummy food with a lower-calorie, lower-fat twist.

There are 4 main categories on FBB:

  • Food: Recipes
  • Food For Thought: Comments and discussions on food topics
  • Photo Cravings: Photos of delicious food
  • Food Journeys: Restaurant and dining experiences

I will provide my own personal photos to accompany posts in each category!

Keep in mind, these are not no-carb, zero calorie, zero fat meals. FBB is about making food that will help satisfy your cravings and fill you up without the guilt. FBB is about taking an indulgence and making it healthier. FBB is about moderation, flavors and healthy ingredients.

Bon appétit!

xx Betsy

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  1. Helene Morse #

    Hey! That’s in my kitchen! So happy my girls love to cook!!!!! I will confirm your love of pickles since you were 3 yrs. old. Maybe we should, somehow, attach that video you know about! xoxo Mommy

    October 26, 2011

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